I’m an all American, mid-Western boy who loves to travel the US and the world, and swap stories with other people I meet along the way. I’ve been traveling for work and play for most of my life.  I spent my early years growing up in a military family, and I spent almost 35 years working for the military myself.  The military lifestyle meant living in more than a dozen US states and three countries, and lit the travel itch that took me to a bunch more. 

My hobbies are primarily outdoor sports.  I love to hike, mountain bike, fly fish, kayak, snow ski, etc, and almost always have a camera with me to capture the scene.  I’ve increasingly become interested in photography as a way to document my adventures, and will post a lot of pictures of the outdoors, wildlife, and people I see along the way.

When traveling I like to see interesting places, have fun adventures in the outdoors, and usually finish up at a nice restaurant or brewery.  That’s eventually what drove me to start this blog.  When I travel, I’ve always spent a lot of time researching what to do, where to do it, what to see, where to get gear, where to eat, where to get a good beer, and a bunch of other pressing questions inquiring minds need to know.  I thought if I started cataloging that research in one place, with some reviews, pictures, maps, links, etc, it might help out other like-minded travelers.  I hope that’s true, and I hope you enjoy following along on some of my adventures!

Please leave comments on my posts, or email ([email protected]) me your thoughts direct.  I’d love to get your insight and perspective, and add it to the mix.