This hike climbed more than 1,000 feet through the forest of Elk Ridge, to a rock outcropping overlooking Harper’s Ferry, WV. Overlook Cliffs are a part of the Maryland Heights Loop trail in Maryland, and the view includes the wilds of Virginia across the river. I logged just over 5 miles from town to the top of the cliffs, but the complete hike is more than 6 miles if you include the loop to the Stone Fort. Several sites along the way preserve various Civil War defense locations of Harper’s Ferry, including a Naval artillery battery, stone fort, and two smaller cannon batteries.

The view from the top is really incredible, and encompasses sights for miles around. This is a very popular trail though, so expect to be slightly patient as you jocky for a good photo spot at the top.

Here is a link to All Trails’ summary of the hike, as well as a few photos.

Maryland Heights Trail, Harpers Ferry, WV

Railroad Bridge

The railroad bridge across the Potomac River to Maryland. Still a very active bridge, but has a walking boardwalk added along the side

Dupont State Forest

A look at Overlook Cliffs from the bottom, zoom in to see the rock climbers

Dupont State Forest

Some of the trail through the forest

Dupont State Forest

Some of the crowd at the top of the Cliffs

Dupont State Forest

Great view of Harper’s Ferry, totally worth the hike!